Little Things Big Choices

I miss Main Street USA.  I think life was happier and simpler then.  I remember it. I had a taste of the non-homogenized America when I went to Mystic a couple of weeks ago.  There were so many shops with their own distinct personality along the streets with no strip mall in my immediate line … Continue reading Little Things Big Choices


I’ll Take Asshats for $1000 Alex

I've been overheard saying many a time, that I'd like to chuck it all and become a goat farmer.  Sheep farmer.  Turnip farmer........basically a farmer.  I picture a life filled with purpose and peace and possibly pretzels as they are a portable snack.  I would wear overalls.  I like overalls.  I think they are vastly … Continue reading I’ll Take Asshats for $1000 Alex

Dealing with Your Dumbass Former Rebel

6/21/16    So I spent the afternoon getting scanned. Mammogram. Thyroid ultrasound Lung scan One was routine, one is because at my doctor's appointment, I had an enlarged thyroid and the last is because I was a tool for 26 years. I smoked my first cigarette when I was 9. I smoked for many many … Continue reading Dealing with Your Dumbass Former Rebel

Olive My Fedex Dude

The ultimate dude.  Supreme Dudage. He's been delivering for my office for 3 years and is utterly fantastic. I'm a leftie and have the leftie scrawl.  It doesn't work when I sign the delivery handheld hoomagiggy because....I don't know why -it just doesn't.  So I scrawl SATAN in my  drunken toddler writing as the receiving party … Continue reading Olive My Fedex Dude

Hashtag My Scale Saw Me Naked

And it didn't judge me.  As a matter of fact, it's an appliance, so it can't. That's it.  That was my weight as of 7:38 this morning.  I just did the unthinkable.  I published my weight. My thighs also touch, but they don't judge me.  They rub together when I walk.   If I jog … Continue reading Hashtag My Scale Saw Me Naked

You Got the Hooch? I Got the House

I was a bit of a social butterfly this weekend.  I caught up with an old friend on Friday and we discussed the absolute necessities of life; food and travel and soul sustenance.  He is an exceptional talent with a food blog that is divine.  His passion and drive and creativity in photographing food is … Continue reading You Got the Hooch? I Got the House

You Can’t Sit With Us

If you're a girl and you're reading this, I'd bet about 95% of you (conservative estimate) cringed.  If you're a guy you probably don't get it because a lot of guys still believe that girls are sweet.  You've been duped, sorry.   The funerals are starting today for the Pulse victims.  And guess who has … Continue reading You Can’t Sit With Us

Mei Mei Is My Spirit Animal

Up front....I cannot take credit for this title.  This alllllll goes to my totally wonderful, beautiful and hilarious daughter who henceforth shall be known as Mei Mei.  (Hard rule on this blog - no real names.  I chose public view - my loved ones did not) So far, we've got Mr. Magilla/Bobbi/Hellhound/Big Sexy Chocolate/Mei Mei.... With … Continue reading Mei Mei Is My Spirit Animal