So I think it’s fair to say that Orlando has had probably the toughest week on record.

An up and coming singer was murdered.  Why? We do not know.  A child was killed in Disney World – for a lack of judgement, sure…but a child is dead nonetheless.  No higher price can be paid.

49 people were also murdered.  For being gay?  For dancing?  For Latino night?  We’ll never know.  Was the killer a homophobe?  A radicalized Muslim?  Or was he just a hateful piece of shit?  Much like the so-called God loving preacher who claims this is somehow just and right and the gays and liberals should all kill themselves; how you sleep at night is beyond me sir.  I will show you respect for your station in life here….by calling you sir, but if we met in real life…….I wouldn’t shake your hand.  You don’t deserve it.  If you got out of your narrow little walls you’d realize that the world is made up of such wondrous variety and you might just learn something.  I believe in God.  I believe in mercy.  We can label it as much as we want.  The bottom line…….have we caught up with the ways of the world?  I’ve read things that at first offended me.  Someone complained that being in “thoughts and prayers” wasn’t good enough and the resounding religious upbringing that I had bubbled up in rage.  Fury.  How dare this person say that?  How dare they malign the prayers given in offering of horrible loss.   But wait……..they were right.  It’s not the prayers that come into question, it’s the lack of action.

These are the cold hard facts.  Cold.  Cruel.  Disconnected.  Factual.  Grave.  Death statistics.

Here’s what I believe.  I believe that kindness matters.  I believe that our opinions, every one of them, shape our country.  We can disagree.  We can vehemently hold our beliefs and never waiver in our conviction of them.  But to blatantly disregard human life; to undermine that which we should hold dear is a travesty.  To blatantly disregard another person’s beliefs is ridiculous.  If I thought I knew everything, I wouldn’t bother posting a damn thing, whether here or on social media.  I can disagree, but still respect.  I can

I FUCKING hate social media.  It’s this horrible diseased addiction that I bless for the connections I have and curse for the anger I see every day.

I wonder, for those who screamed for their rights protected under the laws of our nation.  Have you helped?  Were you the ones screaming for the rights of a gorilla and not 49 dead people?  Did you donate blood?  Did you rail against gun control? Did you write Congress?  Did you stop for a moment and think?  Did you question your own views?  Did you do something other than just talk?

It’s so easy to point fingers and call names behind a blank computer screen filled with our own imaginings.  It’s so easy to initiate an argument.  It’s so easy to dismiss what may be the utmost pain and suffering for someone else because we can’t see.  It makes it easier doesn’t it?  I’m just as guilty.  I smacked down a couple of people over the course of the past few days.  I tried to be gracious.  I doubt they would agree.

I guess my point is that we will never NOT be a violent society.  If we could somehow talk/discuss/debate/communicate in a healthy way a lot of this could be resolved.  Both sides want to believe they are the only ones who are right.  Both sides want to prevail.  Both sides need to come to the middle.  This could also be said of the upcoming election.  Personally, I became unaffiliated this year.  I refuse to bend a knee to either party.   They both disgust me.  I think both Trump and Hils are lying sacks of crap.  I think that most politicians follow that lead.  I think they are bought regularly by lobbyists and no matter what side of the political spectrum we’re on, this bullshit will continue until we start bitching loud enough that we get heard.  That’s my opinion.  I could be wrong, but I could be right.

So I wonder, at what point will we stop hating each other over a fucking ideology within an ideology?  Is it better to bang the proverbial drum because one party or another says so, or is it better to think for yourself?  Is it better to believe that someone is stupid because their beliefs differ from your own?  Is it better to condemn or understand?  Is it acceptable to agree to disagree?  I can’t answer these things for anyone but myself.  What I can do is offer these questions up and throw out the option that there are far more questions out there than I ever thought of.  I can only ask from within my own frame of reference.  I welcome constructive, I shun finger-pointing.

I’ve seen a lot hate this week.  I wonder if any us have more reason for anger than the families and loved ones of those mowed down like so many blades of grass.

Dialogue………’s everything.  It is the only way we will see the next day and the next and the next.





I write about life as I know it.

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