Mei Mei Is My Spirit Animal

Up front….I cannot take credit for this title.  This alllllll goes to my totally wonderful, beautiful and hilarious daughter who henceforth shall be known as Mei Mei.  (Hard rule on this blog – no real names.  I chose public view – my loved ones did not)

So far, we’ve got Mr. Magilla/Bobbi/Hellhound/Big Sexy Chocolate/Mei Mei….

With me?  Greaaaaaaaaaat.


So Mei Mei and I were hanging around watching YouTube clips and giggling like a couple of crackpots when we stumbled across clips of Kate Hudson in the sound booth doing her voice over for Mei Mei.  Worth watching for a long and hearty laugh.



Mei Mei is brimming with absolute confidence and a steadfast conviction that she…is….all….that.  And she is.  She’s the hottest panda on the planet.  No panda compares to the beauty of Mei Mei.  Mei Mei got it going onnnnnnnnnnnn.  *SNAP*  *HAIR FLIP*

I wish we could all have a little bit of Mei Mei in us.  I wish for our detractors that we could just rattle off all the goobery, semi-gross things we do (of which personally I would like to sit outside with the family sized vat of rice pudding, but that’s just me) and have them look upon us with wonder as if they’ve been blind all along.  That’s right Scooter, look upon my craziness and tell me I’m beautiful.

So after watching these clips for ohhhh, about the 80th time, my daughter quite earnestly told me that Mei Mei is her spirit animal.   I find this to be a good thing.  She’s 25 and life has attempted several times to kick her ass.  My Mei Mei is tough as nails.

I think I’m going to try the Mei Mei approach at my office.  I feel that if I deflect enough with my fabulosity (a word I just made up) I can maybe make a run for taking over the office….then company…then world.  Small goals.



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