If you’re a girl and you’re reading this, I’d bet about 95% of you (conservative estimate) cringed.

 If you’re a guy you probably don’t get it because a lot of guys still believe that girls are sweet.  You’ve been duped, sorry.  

The funerals are starting today for the Pulse victims.  And guess who has invited themselves to the party?  None other than the Westboro Baptist church.  Some misguided vengeful folks there.  

If I lived closer I would be a part of the human chain blocking these inbred hate machines so VICTIMS of a HATE crime could be buried in peace and with the love and light they deserve.  

I would show up looking like Rainbow Brite with my hair in pigtails and an embroidered patch that says “God loves all his children even the bitches over there”.   I would stand in the way of so called Jesus interpreters who have also tried to claim that tornado victims, children shot down in their own school, my ninety year old neighbor also are “faggots” who deserved to “die screaming” and defend the rights of the dead.  I would not joke (and I could come up with about 80 per minute because I have that mind and I am that girl).  

So if there is any question on where I stand in gay marriage or gay rights I’m fairly certain they’ve been answered.  I don’t believe that gay is a condition.  I don’t believe someone can catch “the gay” like they can catch “the flu”.  I sure as hell don’t want someone prying into my marriage bed so therefore I believe that same courtesy should be extended to all adult consensual relationships.  

My grandmother used to say “You have to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”.  I have a long record of contempt for zealots.  Any zealot in any form.   I don’t care for them.  I find them to be the mean girls of the adult world.  I don’t like mean girls.  I also have a long record of defending those who can’t defend themselves.  I’m funny that way. 

I won’t preach on what we should or should not do.  I won’t crook my finger in someone else’s direction and insist that they need to see it differently.  Opinion is opinion.  It’s not fact.  It’s open to interpretation and it does (if we’re lucky) evolve as we grow and change.   But in my opinion, the Westboro followers are assholes.  Could be fact.  I dunno.  

In that vein….to the mean girls, from me and most of my tribe- we don’t want to sit with you.  


I write about life as I know it.

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