I was a bit of a social butterfly this weekend.  I caught up with an old friend on Friday and we discussed the absolute necessities of life; food and travel and soul sustenance.  He is an exceptional talent with a food blog that is divine.  His passion and drive and creativity in photographing food is infectious.  I actually got to see the process in action (to a small degree) and it was like watching Picasso give a smile and a nod before getting down to business.   When he’s ready  – I plan on blasting the name of the blog all over the interwebs…because it’s that good.

I’m having a party in August for a group of people in which some are friends of friends.  Some are becoming friends.  Some are quadrants of my heart and soul.  I love fusing the unexpected together.

So in preparation for this party, Big Sexy Chocolate decided he was going to embark on making sangria.  Over the past few days, he’s dropped hints of what he’s put in there.  No ordinary Sangria is this.  No.  This………..is hooch.  It’s got raspberries, blueberries, snozzberries, oranges, red wine, brandy, lighter fluid, schnapps, a tuft of witch hair, some pixie dust……

We take our parties seriously ’round here.  We plan menus.  Big Sexy conjures up voodoo wine manufacturing.  Bobbi makes cupcakes.  Mr. Magilla micromanages everything.  It’s serious business.

Friday night I got a text from BSC that he drank half a glass and it was really really good.  Or as he put it…..i drAnc some –  it gud.  I think there may have been an umlaut…I dunno.  I smelled it the moment I opened the door; even before I saw his magnificent self with a giant wine box and a smile.

We were supposed to have this soiree at Bobbi’s house but she’s a punk and decided to fake some sort of illness.  So this got moved to my house in the 11th hour.  The movable feast, if you will.

Some of the best times are the ones that aren’t planned or that plans go off on their own little tangent.  There are some times that you wish could linger a little longer.   Oh to be able to suspend the moments of laughter.

This was a much needed remedy to an otherwise tough week.  My husband was gone most of the week.  It was just a rough week.   A lot of bad juju floating around my world this past week.

So thank you to the participants of the movable feast.  Thanks to D for his insight and excellent conversation.  This weekend was the tonic I needed.






I write about life as I know it.

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