Little Things Big Choices

I miss Main Street USA.  I think life was happier and simpler then.  I remember it.

I had a taste of the non-homogenized America when I went to Mystic a couple of weeks ago.  There were so many shops with their own distinct personality along the streets with no strip mall in my immediate line of sight.  It was a piece of Americana that I treasured.

Or maybe it’s just my youth that I miss.

I’ve been on this simplification kick for the past year or so.  I like what I like.  I don’t really care about labels and if I have something that is considered chic or trendy it’s pretty much happenstance – I bought it because the pattern appealed to me or the color made me smile or I swished when I saw it.

I realize that adult life is fraught with choices, but do we really need all of them?  There just seem to be so many and some seem pretty purposeless.  And what or more specifically who are these choices for?  We’re all guilty of it.  The choices in clothes, cars, houses – is often driven by a subconscious need for acceptance.  Who are we unless social?  But social acceptance has somehow morphed into status.  I’ve seen people dismissed because they drive a car that isn’t brand new.  Or their clothes are worn.  Or they work two jobs.  I remember breaking down in tears one day when my daughter ripped holes in the knees of her jeans that I was hoping could last just one more season.  I was a struggling single mother who simply couldn’t afford to buy another pair; and she came home with two holes that became full-blown tears as she jumped down off the last step of the staircase she was on.  So I sold a necklace.  That got her new jeans.  It was a simple choice.  She wasn’t going to go without.  So I did.  Simple.

I bought this yesterday.  Perhaps it was a sense of nostalgia or perhaps it just reminded me of the sense of wonder I had in my youth.  I have the means now to call the shots in my life or to purchase what I want but in the end what made me happiest yesterday was buying a Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker.




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