Tell Me Your Vision

This was what I was asked by my colleague who is helping me revamp my blog.  I believe in teamwork and to be more to the point I believe that I suck at all things tech, so I'm calling in reinforcements. My muses come in all different shapes and sizes.  My friend....let's call her Sugar … Continue reading Tell Me Your Vision


Impulse Control

My husband has a tendency to speak whatever is on his mind.  There are days that it gets so far under my skin that it's the equivalent of wearing a hair shirt.   He often means well but he has this way of communicating that has taken me years to understand. He is, without question, … Continue reading Impulse Control

The Devil You Know

I work in an office that has a lot of traffic.  Yesterday a gentleman in a very swanky suit walked in.  One of my colleagues asked..... Hey Shannon who's that? That's the devil.  He's recruiting for his legions.  He wants to know if anyone is interested in joining. Great!  Get me his card. That was a … Continue reading The Devil You Know

I Didn’t Fart at Yoga

There it is folks, my big coup for the day.  This is actually a step up; a specific mission if you will.  Many days my goal is to get my bra on correctly or to NOT stab someone in the hand with a spoon. I've been trying to get back into health and exercise for … Continue reading I Didn’t Fart at Yoga

Fishing For Compliments

My husband is an avid fisherman.  That is actually a bit of an understatement.  It's his first love.  I'm his fourth love, somewhere after provolone cheese yet before back scratching...actually I'm more or less the twit he puts up with. List of Magilla's loves in appropriate order Fishing Our dog, Hellhound Grocery shopping Television Complaining … Continue reading Fishing For Compliments

No Nuns in New York

Recently, I ventured into New York City with Mr. Magilla for a marathon date.  We get time every so often to do so.  We use those stolen moments to reconnect, to laugh, to unshoulder the mantles of endless responsibilities that we have ....and just be. We both have aging parents.  We have a lot of … Continue reading No Nuns in New York


After five police officers dying last night, I'm gutted.   We have to find a balance.  We should strive to reach out to each other and mend these broken fences.  We should grieve the loss.  Tonight, I'm grieving.  I'll try reason and faith and understanding and stepping out of my own comfort zone tomorrow.  But … Continue reading Gutted

Gut Check

It's time for one.  It's time for a collective gut check across this nation. Once again, we are in the midst of turmoil.  Once again shots were fired.  Once again there are protests. I'll keep this brief and try not to get too preachy. First and foremost, my husband's best friend of over 30 years … Continue reading Gut Check