Crouching Tiger, Hidden Vagina

Once upon a time it seemed that Ted Cruz was ruling the pack in the election.   I had thoughts that maybe I should go to Canada if that happened.   I also thought that perhaps as an act of good will for this emigration I should maybe get a bikini wax in the shape … Continue reading Crouching Tiger, Hidden Vagina


Imma Be Me

I don't consider myself to be a flashy dresser.  I have a fairly simple dress code.  I'm not rolling into the office in poodle skirts or tartan pants with suspenders.  I'm more the boring navy blue trousers and penny loafers kind of gal.  It's safe to say that I have a rather British sensibility in … Continue reading Imma Be Me

Tuber or Not Tuber

My husband flushed half a parmesan crusted baked potato down the toilet. I'm not kidding. No really. I had made a kick ass dinner.  Meatloaf with parmesan crusted baked potatoes and dilled carrots.  It was comfort food extraordinaire.  It was a "crushed it" kind of evening. I was proud and happy and all was well … Continue reading Tuber or Not Tuber

I’m Not Responsible

for your happiness and well-being.  I refuse to accept that burden for anyone other than myself.  I'm responsible for my choices and actions and not yours. There I said it. This morning I was driving to my office to take care of a couple of things.  I also had a haircut appointment in that area so … Continue reading I’m Not Responsible

I Need A Coven That Won’t Drive Me Crazy

    coven noun co·ven \ˈkə-vən also ˈkō-\ Popularity: Bottom 40% of words Simple Definition of coven : a group of witches Source: Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary   Full Definition of coven  a collection of individuals with similar interests or activities <a coven of intellectuals>  an assembly or band of usually 13 witches   Does anybody … Continue reading I Need A Coven That Won’t Drive Me Crazy

Periods Don’t Kill….But Husbands Buying Tampons…

This is being written for every good man out there who has been in this position.  Mostly this is for my father who is the coolest dude I know. This is my mother's favorite story.  It happened when I was fifteen or so in good old hometown Foodtown.  It's a true story and one that she … Continue reading Periods Don’t Kill….But Husbands Buying Tampons…

Much Love But I Don’t Give A Flea Fart Who You’re Voting For

I am so done.  I am done.  Done done done.   This election is enough to sap your soul right out through your left ear.  It's a circus.  It's smoke and mirrors played to the hilt by the ultimate performers.   I applaud the passion with which people put forth their beliefs but I also … Continue reading Much Love But I Don’t Give A Flea Fart Who You’re Voting For