I am so done.  I am done.  Done done done.  

This election is enough to sap your soul right out through your left ear.  It’s a circus.  It’s smoke and mirrors played to the hilt by the ultimate performers.  

I applaud the passion with which people put forth their beliefs but I also remember a time when the three cardinal don’t speaks ruled.  You didn’t talk abut your salary, your religious beliefs or your politics.  

I realize we’re living in a brave new world;  but screaming your opinion louder and more often doesn’t necessarily make it right.  It just makes it louder and repeated more often and public.  It’s not fair to assume that every other person gets weak in the knees because our President has endorsed someone nor is it fair to assume that wanting a greater stronger America makes you a right wing Fascist.  

I am an extremely political animal.  I just rarely speak about it publicly.  It doesn’t make me right or wrong.  It is what it is.  

I went on a Facebook sabbatical for a few months.  In retrospect, I enjoyed those months greatly.  But in truth, I also missed a lot of the people who I am friends with there.   I’m trying to strike that balance.   But lately, I’m kind of tired of the daily emotional drain of politics.  It turns friends to enemies.  

We are nowhere near close to the end of this election season in hell. We are nowhere close to healing the division in this country.  The day Barack Obama won the election, I sat on my couch and wept.  I wept tears of awe that we had come far enough as a country to elect a black man into office.  Although I didn’t agree with some of his ideas and policies and I considered him at that time to be vastly inexperienced, I was proud.  I was proud that just maybe we had put aside our own bullshit and voted as a country with our hearts.  History and time will tell.  

I view politicians with the utmost disdain.   I’m suspicious of their motives, always.  If the establishment tells me to do one thing I generally refuse. 

The fact that celebrities are being brought in to endorse ANYONE is sickening.  To risk sounding snooty, I could care less what any celebrity thinks of any candidate.  

One of the best lines I’ve ever heard regarding politicians came from a Tom Clancy novel in which a character quipped, “I’m a politician which means when I’m not kissing babies, I’m stealing their lollipops.”

If you want the God’s honest truth, I fear the sitting Senators and Congress more than I do any President elect.  (Read as we need term limits). 

No wall will be built.  Let’s get real.  Congress would never approve it.  College will never be free; because education is a business.   Just like pharmaceuticals will always be expensive.   

It’s a game.  It’s a cyclical…cynical game.   The broad strokes by which we all judge each other and paint each other are growing daily.

I hate it as much as anyone else. 

But I still could give a flea fart who anyone is voting for.  


I write about life as I know it.

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