I Miss Rotary Phones

Sort of.  Remember talking to your high school friends while laying on the cold laundry room floor with your feet up on the wall?  No?  Just me?   Whatever!!!

Sometimes I miss the days when an actual effort was required in emotional processing.  Everything is at our fingertips yet there’s little sense of wonder left.  Is it too accessible?  Is information…right here right now…too accessible?  I’m guilty of it myself.  How many teaspoons are in a tablespoon.  I don’t know.  What was Charlemagne’s middle name?  Dunno.   What size bra did Martha Washington wear?  Bras cannot tell a lie.  What happens if an astronaut farts in their space suit?   Let me google it on my phone which is attached to my hip.  And if you’re really wondering, yes these are actual thoughts I’ve had and things I’ve googled.  I’m still plotting a way to be in touch….but not.  So either I offer my cellphone number to the world and go offline or I become judicious in my time spent there.  Then again I have a blog.  It ain’t that easy to go offline and stay there.  In my opinion, we live in a world where we feel like we’re constantly missing out on something.  

I had an easier time quitting smoking.  

Cellphones have become these little devices that really should serve as teleporters for ill will:

Election barbs shot out on social media with each side blaring the conspiracies complete with photographic evidence and theories of how the opponent they don’t like will DESTROY THE WORLD and for the record I am fairly certain I will spontaneously vomit in the voting booth because they both suck.

I can picture it now.  Loud retching noises followed by the inevitable awkward snort.  Some poor volunteer asking,  “Are you okay in the ma’am?”  

“Oh yes.  I think I just voted for and/or climbed into bed with the devil.  Or at the very least touched his/her ass.  All is well!”

Responding to trolls on social media and/or CNN.com. 

A misread text message which when PMSing turns into the equivalent of launching a nuclear weapon usually with tears and chocolate smears. 

Or my obnoxious text to my friend Weezer

These are but a few examples…

We have the ease of firing off shitty missives to whomever we have in our sights because it’s been made easy and convenient.  Hence the reason I really miss pencil and paper and rotary phones.  

That is except for today.   

A train derailed in Hoboken today. My husband works in Hoboken.  When I first met him he took the train every day but over the years he’s started working from home more and more.   I’ve written before about his home habits and how they drive me crazy. 

I was grateful for technology today.  I was grateful that I could communicate with him across the country as he was just waking up today in San Jose. I was grateful for instant messaging as Bobbi and Big Sexy Chocolate were checking in throughout the day on the status of Mr. Magilla’s colleagues. And the last email he sent giving me an update, I finally cried out of selfish, selfish relief.  

We learned that some were present today as the train smashed into the platform.  Some were hurt.  I pray for them.  My husband was not one of them.  He communicated to me the email sent by the President of the company relating the worst news.  We don’t know how hurt.  I pray it’s a scratch and that their families can see them safe at home tonight.  

In signing off this executive wrote, “Be good to each other”.  

Maybe, though we have the ability to communicate quickly we should take the same time and botheration required in writing with pencil and paper.  The same time and botheration required in dialing a rotary phone.  

Breathe first

Think second

Answer last 
Be good to each other