It’s Just a Little Crush

No I am not a Belieber.  I think Justin Bieber is a jerk with cooties and probably a teeny tiny little itty bitty flea sized filler for his Calvin Klein's. This is Kate McKinnon.  Yes I am a happily married, totes straight woman with a MASSIVE girl crush on Kate McKinnon.  I don't want to … Continue reading It’s Just a Little Crush


If I Ask

If you want change but refuse to be a part of's time to start talking.  It's time to start talking or more truthfully it's time to shut the hell up and stop getting in the way of those who do want fairness, equality, justice, and peace.  So far I've addressed sexism, democracy, marital bliss, … Continue reading If I Ask

Dem Broads, Dem Broads

So recent events/politics have brought out the raging feminist in me.  Before this I was a little baby feminist.  A la petit femme realist if you will.  I'm not quite burning bras yet.....that'll be next week or upon further discussion of repealing the 19th amendment or if I receive another unsolicited dick pic.   So who … Continue reading Dem Broads, Dem Broads

Shapely? Shape Me? Ship Shape? 

So can we talk about the need to turn every female Halloween costume into "sexy".  Sexy nurse.  Sexy podiatrist.  Sexy garbage man.   Who would like to start? Pick me.  Pick me.  PICK ME?   *demon voice* Pick meeee.   I mean really.  Sexy Ken Bone?  Really?  Genius?   We are women.  Newsflash, we're all … Continue reading Shapely? Shape Me? Ship Shape?