It’s Just a Little Crush

No I am not a Belieber.  I think Justin Bieber is a jerk with cooties and probably a teeny tiny little itty bitty flea sized filler for his Calvin Klein's. This is Kate McKinnon.  Yes I am a happily married, totes straight woman with a MASSIVE girl crush on Kate McKinnon.  I don't want to … Continue reading It’s Just a Little Crush


Dem Broads, Dem Broads

So recent events/politics have brought out the raging feminist in me.  Before this I was a little baby feminist.  A la petit femme realist if you will.  I'm not quite burning bras yet.....that'll be next week or upon further discussion of repealing the 19th amendment or if I receive another unsolicited dick pic.   So who … Continue reading Dem Broads, Dem Broads