It’s Just a Little Crush


No I am not a Belieber.  I think Justin Bieber is a jerk with cooties and probably a teeny tiny little itty bitty flea sized filler for his Calvin Klein’s.

This is Kate McKinnon.  Yes I am a happily married, totes straight woman with a MASSIVE girl crush on Kate McKinnon.  I don’t want to get down with her.   I like men.  Particularly Polish men.  Or maybe I should say they like me.   My first boyfriend was Polish.  My ex husband was Polish.  My current husband is Polish.  If I ever visit Poland they’ll make me their queen.  I am a dyed in the wool man lover but nonetheless I find her utterly inspiring and amazing and hawt!   It’s not a sexual thing but to me there is something inherently attractive about not fearing to be unattractive for the sake of a laugh or to put a finer point on it; not taking your looks so seriously.  She is powerful and weird and really I just want to buy her a beer or lick her ear or listen to her cheer or play her Tears for Fears….

Actually she is the poster child for what I’m crushing on because she’s fabulous and amazing and brilliant and fearless and phunny as phuck.  

I watched the Ghostbusters reboot over the weekend.  I’m not going to debate the purist Ghostbusters fans nor am I going to give my opinion on the movie.  Go see it for yourself.   I don’t care who is pissed off that they did an all female version (which by the way was produced by Dan Akroyd -so it ain’t all bad).   Sometimes change is good.  

What I am going to is straight up applaud the fact that these ladies were smart, strong and at various points; they were total badasses.  They did strong female according to the standards of a female not what some uptight movie executive who needs to compensate for either a shriveled soul or a shriveled…well maybe…you know where I’m going with this.  Please don’t make me spell it out.  Anyhoooo it’s feminism done on femisim’s terms; not some caricature. 

First off, there’s very little bad language in it.  Secondly these ladies are uabashedly smart; proving their chops in history and science and physics.  They are sexy without showing either boobs or butt.  The friendships portrayed are bound in eccentricities as women’s friendships often are and they are rock solid.  In the final fight scene they move with grace and precision and the power they exude is alluring.  It makes you sit up and take notice.  Your inner tough cookie will stop napping and start taking notes on how to hood slide on asphalt.  I imagine it’s how little boys felt watching Starsky and Hutch buff the hood of their Gran Torino as they raced after the bad guys.  

I like oddballs.  I married one.  I raised one.  I was raised by two.  My best friend is one.  My other best friend is one.  Actually all of my friends are.  Even my dog is nuts.  

Conformity can be highly overrated.  I have thus far successfully surrounded myself with the odd ducks that I relate to so very well.  I think this was part of the appeal of the characters in this movie.  

I’m going to go upstairs now and put on a jumpsuit and goggles and some Hunter boots and pretend I’m the fifth Ghostbuster.  I am a 45 year old woman and I will gladly still play dress up.  

Thanks Kate.  I’ll buy you a beer.  


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