My Deoderant Scares Me

I have one of those stupid and obnoxiously unpredictable body chemistries that will suddenly decide it no longer likes my favorite products.  I've used Secret antiperspirant for years.  It liked me.  I liked it.  We were happy.  Until.... I was at work and thought one of my colleagues hadn't their lives.  As improbable as … Continue reading My Deoderant Scares Me


Why Can’t You Cure Technology With An Antibiotic?

I could talk about politics but that would only be slightly more preferable than dental irrigation with a fire hose.  I've gone underground for a couple of weeks simply because of the negativity saturation of the last few weeks.  Trust me when I say anything I would have written would have so laced with profanity … Continue reading Why Can’t You Cure Technology With An Antibiotic?