Monsters and Madness and Coffee Machines

  So my coffee maker is a jerk. Hold on......let me come at this from a different angle.  But just so it's on record, my coffee maker is a total jerk. My husband and I agree on approximately three things.  That may be too harsh, so let's round it up to ten.  We agree on ten things. … Continue reading Monsters and Madness and Coffee Machines


Will Botox Cure Chickenpox?

So fun can get chickenpox at 45.  I did. I got a vaccine since I've never had chicken pox thinking that I was being smart...proactive....efficient.  I've got a four year old in my house.  He's going to school.  They're little carriers for germs.  Smart right?  Turns out....I'm an idiot.  A week to the day … Continue reading Will Botox Cure Chickenpox?

Felony….Part Deux

I belong to a trading page on Facebook for my town.  They trade, give away or sell all kinds of things from furniture to football tickets to terror apparel.  Yes that's right.  Right after Halloween, and to put a finer point on it...the creepy clown epidemic which seems to have run dormant in this neck … Continue reading Felony….Part Deux

As Bob Marley Said

The Mall of America has hired a black Santa.  The Minneapolis Star-Tribune had to shut down the comment section of a lovely, upbeat article offering a little insight as to why this man chose to put up with the crying, coughing, pant-wetting, demanding, tired, cranky, runny-nosed, entitled, whining, overly-indulged youth of America.  His father hurt … Continue reading As Bob Marley Said