As Bob Marley Said

The Mall of America has hired a black Santa.  The Minneapolis Star-Tribune had to shut down the comment section of a lovely, upbeat article offering a little insight as to why this man chose to put up with the crying, coughing, pant-wetting, demanding, tired, cranky, runny-nosed, entitled, whining, overly-indulged youth of America.  His father hurt his back and at the tender age of twelve, this man took over Santa duty in their household.  Their black household.  Just thought I’d throw that reminder out before I go any further.  His name is Larry.  The Star-Tribune had to shut down the comment section of this article due to the backlash over Santa.  This particular Santa is an Army veteran which was also spelled out quite clearly.  In true online fashion, it went straight to profiling the snot out of this event, if one could even call it that.  It’s Santa.  People voicing their opinions on Santa’s ethnicity is one thing but the primary reason I’m writing about this has more to do with the torrent of racist comments and/or slurs which caused this shutdown to occur.

Santa, in point of fact, isn’t real.  Maybe he once was, but now it’s like trying to prove Jesus exists or find Bigfoot or Nessie or decent tasting decaf coffee.

For the purists out there, the real Saint Nicholas supposed originated from Asia Minor; in what would now be considered Turkey.  He supposedly saved three sisters from being sold into either slavery or prostitution by their father by paying their dowries for marriage.  This man was born around 280AD, long before the notion of good old fashioned Anglo Saxon claims could be thrown upon him.  Those claims came later during en mass emigrations to America where the legend grew; as we merged cultures from Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands.  This is where the legend took root and grew therefore allowing whites to lay sole claim on him.  Huh?  Funny.  Where have I heard that before.  I’m sorry if I’m flushing any Anglican potties here, but….

However, culturally we are more than okay with girls dressing like Santa sluts.  We’re fine with Santa getting screwed in the back of a car in movies, and yes, for the record, I laughed myself stupid over Bad Santa.  But if we can tolerate this..


or this…


then surely our world won’t rip off of its axis because there is a black Santa in a mall giving hope to all childrenwho meet him by letting them get a glimpse of what is kind, and good, and right, and fair, and just, and loving, and compassionate in this world.


We have real issues in this world.  We have real problems.  This isn’t one of them.

We need to get a grip.  Really, honestly…….

As one of my favorite people said….

Everything gonna be alright.




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