I received the award yesterday from the lovely and talented Kim from Kimmy’s Patio.  Kim is a fellow blogger and exceptionally talented.  Her tagline is “A Place We Can Talk About Anything” and that’s exactly what it feels like.   I feel as if I’m sitting at her kitchen table discussing life with an old and dear friend as she plies me with muffins and advice about my temper and inability to refrain from saying the eff word.

I will try to follow the rules as best I can and we all know this is not my strong suit.  But after a compliment such as….

“Does It Count If My Fingers Were Crossed– Known to her blogging buds as Mrs Magilla, Shannon Butler is hilarious and relevant, crazy and chatty…a real hoot to read. Go check her out, but don’t be surprised if she smacks you with some reality!”….

I haven’t heard anything this nice in at least a week.  (totally lying – but this is what it’s about – the want and need to connect with kindred spirits)  That’s what this boils down to….this blogging thing.  If you’re in it for anything other than the need to get your words or thoughts or perspective out there; the good, bad and ugly.

So here’s DA RULES

  1. thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog- So a heartfelt and a little bit teary thank you to Kim who has been a cheerleader, mentor and genuinely kind soul at Kimmy’s Patio.  Thank you.  I consider it a damn fine patch of good fortune to know you.
  2. write a post to show your award ———yer readin’ it
  3. attach the award to the post-there’s a picture but I need to link it up and with my tech savviness this could take a decade or so
  4. give a brief explanation of how your blog started
  5. give a piece of advice or two to new bloggers
  6. select 15 other bloggers you want to give the award to
  7. comment on each blog and let them know know you have nominated them and provide a link to the award post you created

So having laid out the rules (which I usually break)…here goes

I started this because I love to write.  It soothes me and often times helps me make sense of things I otherwise struggle with, sometimes serious, oft-times banal.  I started writing years ago in an attempt to quit smoking.  My screen name was Cranky Kitten.  It fit.  It suited me on so many levels it was absurd.  I wrote in a journal that I thought was private, but sadly it turned out that the whole world could read it.  Thus was born a platform to speak from.  I had no idea what touched people or why.  I was just trying keep a chronicle of my struggle to focus on living a smoke free life.  One day I received a message from somebody telling me that they were going to take their life the night before.   They had it all planned out.  The note, the method, the reason and they started reading my journal and for the first time in a month, they smiled, then they laughed, then they were wiping tears of joy, sorrow, laughter, grief, agony, ecstasy……….but what they finally realized as the end sum – emotion.  For the first time in a long time, they felt.  I still have the note printed out somewhere.  I’m amazed that anyone can relate to some of the stuff I write.  I’ve been told that I say what others think.  I’ve been called crazy.  I’ve been called wise and everything in between.  I’m a big believer in the yin and yang of things.  Where there is laughter, there had to have been tears, joy from sorrow, etc.  From that journal, my first blog was born.  I walked away from it because it actually became a divorce chronicle of which the identity of Cranky Kitten became my divorce, not me.  I’ve moved on from it because I’m in a much happier place.

If someone is starting out – just leap.  The hardest and scariest thing is publishing your words and opening yourself to all of the negative that could happen.  I can tell you, as long as you are willing to stand by your thoughts and words – you’ll live.  Every writer has their own methods.  Every writer is afraid of the rejection of the words their soul has been harboring for a year, a month, a week or a day that have been now hurtled into cyber space.  There’s no taking it back.  It’s out there and there are days it’s like walking naked down Broadway.  You have to like what you see before anyone else can like it as well.  If you write for money or for love, is up to you.  My one and only bit of advice…just take the leap.  There’s no net, but do it anyway.

So here’s my list:

My first nomination is Recipe in a Bottle written by a lovely young lady who goes by the title Story Telling Chef.  Her food is delicious and she writes in a way that you feel like you could take on the culinary world if you just took one brave step in her direction.  I’m a great cook…she’s a freaking phenomenal cook.

Second is –The Little Mermaid.  Not only is she a lovely lady, she is eloquent and elegant.  I enjoy her writing immensely and am mildly to moderately jealous of her hair and fabulous writing skills.

Third is Petter R and Mittened Hands – you can easily get lost it the photos.  It’s nostalgic yet modern.  It makes you dream of far off places from the comfort of home.  I come here when I need to escape and I’m never disappointed.

Fourth is Maura and Spinning With Pearls.  She is a friend of a friend who I’ve never formally met, yet I love her journey.

Fifth is Karen French.  Girl…just take me with you.  No really.  Wherever you’re going…

Sixth is Cedric Ramey – a new found perspective.  Love this guy.

Seventh is Randomly Yours, Alex – if you love to read, you’ll love Alex.

Eighth is Foodie On Board – otherwise known as Chef Julianna.  Fabulous recipes with an eclectic twist.

Ninth is Wanderlust or Bust – Chicago at it’s finest.  You make me want to brave winters there.

Tenth is Saulce– oh the way you dress.  Lord have mercy.

That’s all I’ve got.  Each of these bloggers is so different yet we all try to offer a different view.  Thank you again for the honor, and it truly is an honor to keep your company.







I write about life as I know it.

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