Lettuce Discuss

Before I get started.... I've had a lot of stuff going on... I've mentioned that my Dad is ill.  He has now been diagnosed with Lewy Body Disease in addition to Alzheimer's.  I had never heard of Lewy Body Disease but now having been thoroughly educated about it I can say with all certainty that … Continue reading Lettuce Discuss


The Gift I’ll Never See

I'm sentimental but in really weird ways.  I don't necessarily attach importance to objects.  Again, I chalk this up to a loss of girl genes somewhere in the easy bake oven during my gestation.  I think sometimes living a life that contained a lot of loss makes one separate memories from "stuff".  My wedding dress … Continue reading The Gift I’ll Never See

Is This Better?

A couple of years ago I stopped coloring my hair.  My hair grows at lightening speed and in order for it to not look skunkish, I had to color it every three weeks.  That's a heavy commitment.  That's a lot of time dedicated to belittling myself monthly, examining my roots, purchasing the color, waiting for … Continue reading Is This Better?

All Sports Bras Must Die

I joined a gym.  This is a really big thing.  I hate gyms.  I am known to have all of the social graces of Leona Helmsley at a gym.  I don't like crowded spaces nor do I like know it alls.  It has been my experience to find both at most gyms I've frequented.  I'm … Continue reading All Sports Bras Must Die