Never Use A Shredder To Cut Your Hair


Except For That French Judge…

I was always the kid that got into trouble whether it was deserved or not. Why?  Because of my complexion.  I turn red at the drop of a hat and have always had authority issues and a guilty conscience.  Everything was my fault.  Not because in actuality it was, but because in my head I … Continue reading Except For That French Judge…

When Your Guilt is Guilty

When we were in New Orleans I really didn't wear anything on my face but sunscreen.  You every other day. As you can see I REALLY take my looks seriously.   The first picture is the first day of my diet.  Coincidentally, this was also the last day of my diet.  The second picture … Continue reading When Your Guilt is Guilty

It Ran Away

I'm not sure who decided that scented oil plug-ins were a good idea, but I'd like to talk to them.  For hours.  With some car battery cables and a pair of pliers.  Dude!  Really? Our office cleaning staff and/or landlord got the bright idea of adding such a device to the ladies room.  We were so lucky.  … Continue reading It Ran Away