When Your Guilt is Guilty

When we were in New Orleans I really didn’t wear anything on my face but sunscreen.  You know….like every other day.

As you can see I REALLY take my looks seriously.   The first picture is the first day of my diet.  Coincidentally, this was also the last day of my diet.  The second picture is me taking a very important call.  The third is me hanging out at Anne Rice’s house (those of you who know New Orleans will know if I’m pulling your leg or not).  The fourth is me wrestling alligators because that’s what you’re supposed to do in Louisiana and the last is me giving the finger to any further or future notion of a diet because fried chicken.  No other reason.  Because fried chicken.  I don’t care if it’s an incomplete sentence.

On our first day there, after being awake officially since 4AM and unofficially since 1AM, AND after a kickin’ breakfast at Mother’s; we stopped at Riverwalk to get a famed café au lait at Café du Monde.  While my husband took an important call, I wandered around in the air conditioned outlet heaven/hell.  There was a hawker (for want of a nicer term which I’ll get to in a moment) trying to lure me in for a facial and to sell me 5,000 skincare products which I really don’t need nor will use.

He asked me if he could talk to me.

I said, “Sure”.

He asked me how old I was.

I said, “Guess”.

He asked me if I wanted to look younger.

I said, “No”.

He asked me if I wanted to try his honey rosewater cemetery dirt alligator tear concoction that allegedly would make my skin as smooth as silk.  When I politely demurred, stating that my skin is very sensitive and I have to be exacting in what products I use he then inquired about my eye cream.  I said I didn’t use any that day.  He asked if I wanted to see myself in a mirror which I can only assume is a distant cousin of the same mirror they use in women’s dressing rooms which require three shots of tequila, your best friend lying to you and a legal waiver to enter.  He insisted on putting eye cream on me.  I told him I’d scream.  He insisted again.  I smiled and declined again.  He proceeded to say that I really should consider this product, “You know, for those GIANT circles and bags under your eyes”….

OH!  We’re there in our relationship!  It’s all so sudden.

One could say that I’m quick with a come back.  One could say I have a temper.  One could say that when I feel slighted significantly, that my retorts can be a tad pithy.  One could say that I asked him if he needed boys underwear in size 3T to safely ensconce his tiny man-boy tsetse fly sized testes instead of big boy boxers that other well equipped dudes wear which would give one of considerable girth and breadth and width and general size room to bounce and breathe and move which one should require to throw out such an insulting bit of fluff, since we’re now so damn chummy and close that he felt he could critique my appearance.  One could.

The truth is that I’m just cranky and tired of predatory beauty attacks.  I’m tired of the eternal list of flaws that every woman has to face daily.  But saying things like “My beauty is on the inside muthafu….” doesn’t quite emphasize my point the way I’d like it to.

So is my beauty inside?  Or outside?  I sometimes feel like I’m the only who sees it because I have wayyyy more self confidence than I should be entitled to and you know what?  I’m totally fine with that.

No one knows us like us and no one knows what I went through to get that self confidence.

I know I should lose a few pounds, but I play games with myself…like I’m going to outwit myself.  I did the same thing with quitting smoking – like somehow I would find a way to pull one over on my own mind.  For years it was the theory that I could just have “one”.  I would buy the pack, smoke one and throw the rest of the pack out.  Guess what happened?  I bought a lot of packs of cigarettes and once I realized that I was spending a fortune on cigarettes over and above my normal moron pack a day habit, it brought me to the realization that I probably should address the underlying issues that led me to smoking in the first place.

I mentioned at the very beginning of this blog (I believe the first or second post) that I was slightly overweight and completely comfortable with that as I had been so underweight my entire life.  Well now my curves have curves.  So I’m about a year into this blog and a year into this weird little middle aged self awareness kick and I’m wondering where I’m going with it.  I take solace in witty little wood plaques that say things like “No one trusts a skinny cook” and while this is true and I regularly plan on eating my body weight in whatever is currently striking my fancy (currently garam masala mussels)- I’ve learned a couple of things about myself.  Having been so underweight, I never learned portion control.  Having been so underweight I never had to learn discipline.  Having been so underweight I never learned that having “seconds” adds up.  Having been so underweight all of my life I never learned that “I’ll take a walk later” only applies in terms of caloric burning if you actually take a walk.  I’m really good at exercising in my head…….not so much in real life practice.  So am I going to eat less and give up a life long love of cooking and feeding people like a grandmother?  Na.  Not likely.  I struggle with exercise far more than I do with eating.  I don’t struggle with eating at all.  I really really REALLY enjoy it.  I grew up in the clean plate club generation and I stand by it.

But I play these head games with myself about working out.  For the longest time I had it stuck in my head that I had to get up at the crack of dawn to work out – when I’m crankiest and about to embark on activities which make me want to kill people. I HATE THE GYM.  I don’t want to make friends there.  But in my mind – it was go time at dawn.  Did I go?  No.  That’s stupid.  I need coffee first and I’m not a morning person.  But dawn only…it couldn’t possibly be any other time of day.  And forget what I normally would do, hiking, running, yoga…nope it had to be a gym.

So we meet our first timing pigeon hole.

I just want to begrudgingly sweat and get on with it so I can bake and damn cake and eat it too.   Is this so much to ask for?

Next, the guilt sets in that I’m not taking care of myself the way I should be and I’m so much stronger that this and now I’m all pissed off at no one in particular (me) and swear that I’m going after work (lie).  Then I’ll feel guilty that I haven’t made dinner for my family because clearly they’ll starve to death without me.  This guilt outweighs the initial guilt that I’m not taking care of myself because taking care of EVERYONE ELSE leaves me with little to no time to take care of myself.  A-HA!  The plot thickens.  So my guilt has guilt about feeling guilty and I’m stuck with a donut in my hand because all carbs matter.

Then by mid week I’ll get on my high horse again and insist that AFTER dinner I’m going to the gym, and then I’ll see the dishes in the sink and think again because clearly my husband can’t do the dishes as well as I can.  He doesn’t even wipe down the counter which means we’ll all die because I’ll forget that he doesn’t wipe down the counter because I’m not exercising properly which means my blood flow is off and somehow affecting the universe and I’ll end up putting something on the counter without wiping it down first and then everybody will get sick and it’ll be all my fault because I wouldn’t get my fat ass on a treadmill.

By Friday I’m livid with myself that I’ve done nothing physical except for vacuuming and pinky swear to myself that on Saturday I’ll go for a long walk, after coffee, and my chores, and laundry, and change the sheets and call my mother and weed the garden and…..so it doesn’t happen because I’ve spent the week exhausting myself.

The truth is I will never ever ever again see my 18 year old bod.  I had it.  I can revel in that.  I had abs that you could bounce a quarter off of.  Operative term….had.   And we are never ever ever getting back together.  Why?  I really don’t have the energy left to care.  Because.  That’s why.  Just like I used to tell my daughter when asked for the 85th time, WHYYYYYYYYYYYY?  Because that’s the only reason you go to a gym right?  To attain the 18 year old you?  Not to stay healthy and work off that third slice of pizza.  Let’s not get carried away here.

So what’s happening in my head right now is the realization that I am


NO! I am playing games with myself.  I was reminded today of my former self.  Who I was to somebody else – and I had no idea.

I have great ambitions in my head.  I have countless opportunities (like daily as my phone alarm goes off and I think…I only had one glass of wine last night….that’s not too many calories.  So guess what???  Nothing happens.  I don’t go to the stupid gym because it’s got cooties.  I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m like Jack Sparrow sneering cattily at the do good notions my brain likes to bat about.

The logical side of my brain says things like, “Don’t you want these chances?”

The less than logical side which resembles a toddler running with scissors does this.

I’ll let you know if I figure it out.  There’s something brewing in that old scattered brain  up there.  Until then?

I got some new cedar planks for grilling.  I got the ice cream maker in the freezer and I have my husband requesting a from scratch cake.  I’ll finish my 35th book of the year and I’ll let my mind go into the quiet space where it hums under the surface and allows me to figure out where I’m going.  Do I keep the blog?  Do I take the plunge and write a book?  Does this turn into a fitness commentary for middle aged women?  Do I turn into the Barefoot Contessa with a potty mouth and write about that?

Or do I not fix what ain’t broke?








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