I Got Your Plate Right Here…..

I fancy myself a great cook.  I know this because my friends call me the Barefoot Contessa who talks smack.  I perpetually subject my loved ones to untested recipes demanding to know their thoughts and whether they actually saw Jesus while taking their first bite.  If not responded to quickly enough, I say things like “Pay attention to me or I’ll climb on your head”.   I take this very seriously and fully admit that I’m a weenie.  If I were ever in a cooking competition I’d probably outcuss Gordon Ramsey.  I love to cook.  I have herbs growing on my windowsill which overlooks my rose bushes which I stare at happily as I tinker about in my kitchen.  Yes. I am that person.  Yes I know it’s obnoxious.  Yes I realize it’s two polar opposite concepts smushed into one person.  Yes I don’t care.  

I went home from work feeling crappy.  Allergies win.  I coughed my back out of whack again and needed the solace of cooking, sweatpants and a couch.  I am HUGE Ina Garten fan.  I have just about every book she’s written.  I love her perspective.  

So my mom was over as she is quite often and I decided to make lunch for us both.  Grapefruit and avocado salad.  Perfect antidote to grumpiness.  It’s colorful and cheery.  I can cook up a storm but my downfall is and always has been the pretty factor.  I am the worlds worst plater.  My plating is disastrous; mainly because my family doesn’t really give a crap but also because I get half way through and bore myself or stress myself out.  So I can’t make a swan out of a radish; but I can spend two full days making a brisket that would make your mama cry tears of joy.  What’s your superpower?  

So I made lunch…

Ina Garten’s version

My version

Because fuck plating 


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