Scrubbing The Toilet Is My Cardio

I'm just wondering... Does anyone else have timing issues with the gym?  I literally could motivate myself better to prepare for a colonoscopy than psych myself into going to the gym.  Every personal trainer hates my ass primarily because I hate theirs.   When I hear "WOOO you did it" in relevance to a work … Continue reading Scrubbing The Toilet Is My Cardio


Conversations with a Neurotic Dog

HH:  Did you hear that? Me: Hear what? HH:  That!  That noise. Me: What noise? HH:  It sounded like a puff of air. Me: Yes.  You farted. HH: I did not.  That's ridiculous.  Wait!  There it is again! Me: Blank indifferent stare Me: That was an entirely different noise. Me: That was our neighbor shutting … Continue reading Conversations with a Neurotic Dog

Stop Oversharing, I Was Only Being Polite

So today we came back to the office after a long holiday weekend.  I settled into my daily routine quickly, albeit begrudgingly.  I lamented not being independently wealthy and not being a princess.  I reviewed emails, worked on projects which I didn't care about on Friday and otherwise made myself productive and useful.  They like … Continue reading Stop Oversharing, I Was Only Being Polite

Creative Monster

So recently I've gotten this wild hair that I need to repurpose everything. We cleaned our garage recently and I found old louver doors that I plan to make into room dividers.  I started working with chalk paint (nod to you Annie Sloan) and spent the weekend dabbing and daubing various areas to get the … Continue reading Creative Monster