So recently I’ve gotten this wild hair that I need to repurpose everything.

We cleaned our garage recently and I found old louver doors that I plan to make into room dividers.  I started working with chalk paint (nod to you Annie Sloan) and spent the weekend dabbing and daubing various areas to get the general feel of how to work with said products.  My plan is to eventually weave fabric into the louvers to turn them into screens.  I’m not done yet so I’m not posting pictures.

What I have in my mind’s eye will inevitably turn into a laughable Pinterest fail, I’m sure.  And if not, then I had full faith in my artistic abilities.  Either way, it’s good for a laugh/lesson/ego boost.

Here is my tip to you, dear reader, for today.

Be very specific when you google “knob”.

Oh internet…you rascal.  I meant porcelain pretty painted knobs.  Not what you showed me.  You scamp.



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