Go Home Alzheimer’s…You’re Drunk

Preface:  There has been a mandatory hiatus from this.  Sorry/not sorry.  I know it was abrupt.  I know it was unexplained.  I'll try to explain now. As for finally breaking my silence?  This is partly my own therapy because the grief/anger/fear/horror/grief/anger/fear/horror/fatigue/grief/anger/fear...just sometimes gets to be bigger than rationality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My father is in a lockdown … Continue reading Go Home Alzheimer’s…You’re Drunk


The Nuts On My Family Tree (No Really It’s Just Me)

I am woman....hear me blow snot bubbles..... I am also a card carrying member of the "sandwich generation". And I would like to punch whoever came  up with this notion of superwoman right in the left boob. Suck it Enjoli!  What's wrong with asking for help?  Idiot! #ineveraskforhelp  #becauseimstubbornnotbecauseiminvincible #letsjustgetthatstraight Last night I hit a proverbial … Continue reading The Nuts On My Family Tree (No Really It’s Just Me)

Quit Rushing Your Roux

So it's the end of the year.  Not quite, but almost.  Close enough to part the veil.  We all know that 2016 is a bitch.  She's the reason we can't have nice things.  Aside from celebrity genocide, including some of my artistic idols like, David Bowie and Leonard Cohen and Alan Rickman (you truly are … Continue reading Quit Rushing Your Roux