Go Home Alzheimer’s…You’re Drunk

Preface:  There has been a mandatory hiatus from this.  Sorry/not sorry.  I know it was abrupt.  I know it was unexplained.  I'll try to explain now. As for finally breaking my silence?  This is partly my own therapy because the grief/anger/fear/horror/grief/anger/fear/horror/fatigue/grief/anger/fear...just sometimes gets to be bigger than rationality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My father is in a lockdown … Continue reading Go Home Alzheimer’s…You’re Drunk


Truth in Lending

This is actually a picture taken from a couple of years ago. I've been going through old photos on my phone and realized this was a gem that I never addressed fully in the manner in which it was intended when I took it at a marine store.  Yep, she ain't a department store gal. … Continue reading Truth in Lending


I think it's safe to say that anyone with a pulse has heard about the latest Hollywood scandal.  This time, it really does constitute a scandal.  This isn't about yet another Hollywood divorce or drinking problem or their latest social awareness agenda being rammed down the throats of John Q. Public because some starlet wants … Continue reading #metoo

Licking Electrical Sockets and Other Thrill Seeking Tales of Valor

In a world of viral outrage I have retreated more and more back into what we non tech people like to call the real world.  It's a place where one has to have conversations and resolve things and discuss differing ideas and sometimes agree that  disagree.  The amazing thing in this strange land is that … Continue reading Licking Electrical Sockets and Other Thrill Seeking Tales of Valor

Does Your Inner Girl Have a Vagina?

My husband and I got into a really interesting and intense conversation last weekend. We were discussing the difference in how men process things versus women.  Women can literally morph an off-hand comment into such an epic shit storm while men can make everything including our period flow about them. I'll explain.  My husband can … Continue reading Does Your Inner Girl Have a Vagina?

Benedict Arnold Fat Baby

So I decided to get up at 6:30 AM to make chocolate ice cream instead of going for a run because I'm clearly not the adultiest of adults.  I don't adult willingly.  Adulting gives me tantrums.  I cry until snot bubbles form and I can't talk without my breath hitching making every word take a … Continue reading Benedict Arnold Fat Baby

Scrubbing The Toilet Is My Cardio

I'm just wondering... Does anyone else have timing issues with the gym?  I literally could motivate myself better to prepare for a colonoscopy than psych myself into going to the gym.  Every personal trainer hates my ass primarily because I hate theirs.   When I hear "WOOO you did it" in relevance to a work … Continue reading Scrubbing The Toilet Is My Cardio

Conversations with a Neurotic Dog

HH:  Did you hear that? Me: Hear what? HH:  That!  That noise. Me: What noise? HH:  It sounded like a puff of air. Me: Yes.  You farted. HH: I did not.  That's ridiculous.  Wait!  There it is again! Me: Blank indifferent stare Me: That was an entirely different noise. Me: That was our neighbor shutting … Continue reading Conversations with a Neurotic Dog