I’m Big in India….Yuge


The Gift I’ll Never See

I'm sentimental but in really weird ways.  I don't necessarily attach importance to objects.  Again, I chalk this up to a loss of girl genes somewhere in the easy bake oven during my gestation.  I think sometimes living a life that contained a lot of loss makes one separate memories from "stuff".  My wedding dress … Continue reading The Gift I’ll Never See

Is This Better?

A couple of years ago I stopped coloring my hair.  My hair grows at lightening speed and in order for it to not look skunkish, I had to color it every three weeks.  That's a heavy commitment.  That's a lot of time dedicated to belittling myself monthly, examining my roots, purchasing the color, waiting for … Continue reading Is This Better?

All Sports Bras Must Die

I joined a gym.  This is a really big thing.  I hate gyms.  I am known to have all of the social graces of Leona Helmsley at a gym.  I don't like crowded spaces nor do I like know it alls.  It has been my experience to find both at most gyms I've frequented.  I'm … Continue reading All Sports Bras Must Die

Playing Grab Ass With Ms. Goose

My father is in adult daycare.  There are clients there from every  spectrum of the elderly.  There are the geriatric patients who still have the heart and mind of someone 50 years their junior but the balance of a drunken preschooler.  There are those who have been in accidents and need constant supervision and therapy. … Continue reading Playing Grab Ass With Ms. Goose