Go Home Alzheimer’s…You’re Drunk

Preface:  There has been a mandatory hiatus from this.  Sorry/not sorry.  I know it was abrupt.  I know it was unexplained.  I'll try to explain now. As for finally breaking my silence?  This is partly my own therapy because the grief/anger/fear/horror/grief/anger/fear/horror/fatigue/grief/anger/fear...just sometimes gets to be bigger than rationality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My father is in a lockdown … Continue reading Go Home Alzheimer’s…You’re Drunk


The Nuts On My Family Tree (No Really It’s Just Me)

I am woman....hear me blow snot bubbles..... I am also a card carrying member of the "sandwich generation". And I would like to punch whoever came  up with this notion of superwoman right in the left boob. Suck it Enjoli!  What's wrong with asking for help?  Idiot! #ineveraskforhelp  #becauseimstubbornnotbecauseiminvincible #letsjustgetthatstraight Last night I hit a proverbial … Continue reading The Nuts On My Family Tree (No Really It’s Just Me)